620 5th Ave
btw 17
th & 18th


Italian Soda  Has Beans Brooklyn

Serving South Park Slope since 2003

Summer Specials  6:30am-10:00pm
Monday - Friday

Sunday till 8pm

Espresso - Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans - PC Stations/Wifi - Vegan Treats - Sandwiches - Pastries - Wine & Beer - Merchandise

Baked In Brooklyn

We are proud to announce that all our fresh food products are baked locally. We have long been a supporter of Park Slope and are very pleased to show a further commitment to the City of Brooklyn in making this transition. 

Cold Beer sold here!

We Offer:
The Best Coffee in South Slope
Free Wifi +2 PC Stations with Printer
Muffins, Scones, Croissants...
Pizza, Quiches, Spinach Squares...
Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans with
Coffee Club Card

ATM only $1.00

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Did You Know?

All of our Fresh Roasted Beans are Has Beans Beans.  We have controlled our own product for over 30 years; having started out in 1976 in San Francisco, California where we only sold Coffee Beans and Loose Tea.
Some things have really changed, but others have not.  And us choosing each bean in each and every bag so it's perfect for you is how we've always done it; and always will.
Next time you walk out with that perfect cup of coffee or pound of beans just think about this!

Red Mango Bakery